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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start: The Basics

dakwak is extremely simple to setup. After signing up, all you need to do is "point" the language-specific sub-domains/domain of your website (for example, or to our cloud, and we take it from there.
If your website is hosted in the United States we would recommend pointing to If it's hosted in Europe you can point to otherwise you can use
If you have any questions on how to do this please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail or chat with us.
The default translation level is Machine tanslation which can be delivered and deployed instantly. You can also edit the machine translations and get better results.

Content Management & Editing

You can edit your content from two different places:
  • Through the dakwak platform: when you log into dakwak, you go to your personal dashboard to see an aggregation of all your website's content, divided into easy-to-use chunks of phrases. You will be able to edit these directly on the dashboard.
  • Through the "edit-in-place" widget: this widget, which is also simple to integrate, allows you to edit your content on-the-spot on the user-facing side of your website. Thus, there is no need to edit any messy code or get your technical team involved: what you see is what you get, and your edits are reflected instantly.
The choice is completely yours. You can set up a pre-defined translations task (publishing workflow) which determines when and how your content gets published. Of course, as an administrator you will always be able to override any changes as you see fit.
You can work on the multimedia assets; images, videos, flash files, and serve a localized version of each for the translated version of your website. You can further work on the styling of your translated website as well.
You have various options to give you total control over what you want to do. If you’d like to change a certain word or more to the entire website, this is doable by mass replacement. Otherwise you might just want to edit the translation only.
Publishing a translation of a phrase can be done on 2 different levels:
  • Publish per website; which changes the phrase everywhere on the website to the translation you’ve done. This comes by default to avoid repeating translations for same phrase over and over.
  • Publish per page; which allows you to make the change/translation on the phrase to all identical phrases on the page you’re on only, and won’t change it on the rest of the website.
You can simply change the images on the translated versions by naming the image the same as it is on the original website but with adding a "_ar" where "ar" stands for the website version you're intending to serve this image on.

i.e. If you're image's name on the original website is "image1.png", for the French version of your website you name it "image1_fr.png" and for the Spanish "image1_es.png".
Then after having these images hosted on your end, you can use dakmin to make the actual rewrites for images.3
Although this is very unlikely to happen, and if it happens it could be a caching issue. You can chat with someone of our team using the live chat on the bottom right of your screen, or drop us an email at

Guides & Walkthroughs


Simply and briefly:
  • The quality of the translations of our engine should be equal to what other engines out there can do, on top of that we have an internal rating system which help us serve better translations than these engines in most cases, espcially when it comes to the common used phrases for websites and businesses
  • dakwak provides your translated website with search engine visibility to help getting your website found in different languages when people search in their own language
  • dakwak provides a comprehensive platform to manage the process of localizing your website, of which translating the text is only one part of
All your translated content will be indexed with search engines as part of the internet ecosystem, once you start linking to your transalted websites you will allow users to find you using their mother language. By default we translate the hidden SEO HTML tags like the metadata tags, in order to improve your SEO in the translated language. You can add more tags to be translated or exclude tags as well

Adding DNS Entries

Billing & Pricing

We offer discounts on 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months subscriptions. Please refer to the pricing page for detailed information about plans and pricing.
We'll fully refund the first month if you have not consumed more than 80% of your machine translation words monthly allowance.